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After 28 years as a personal injury attorney, I still answer almost every call myself. Not because I have to, but because I want to. And that’s how I treat every case.

Brian H. Charter

Why Brian Charter?


Personal Service From the First Call

Your case is handled personally by 28 year veteran Brian Charter. This approach has proven effective in uncovering critical game changing details that turn a small case into a larger one.


Experience Handling Both Sides of Cases

Brian has a background in defending insurance companies in injury cases, this experience gives him critical insight into the methods that will be used against you, and how to protect you from them.

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Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

Sometimes it’s hard to know if you need an attorney to represent you. Does your case have merit? Are you “really” hurt? “Will it be worth the hassle?” These are all great questions I hear from my clients. This is why we have our online personal injury case assessment tool, it helps you find out quickly if you should be speaking with a good attorney.



Need an Auto Accident Attorney?

If a family member or friend has been in an auto accident, the chances are good you should talk to an attorney. Every case is different, and no matter the size, the details make the difference. Sometimes what appears to be a small case can end up being a large case. Click below to learn more about how we win auto accident cases.


I chose Brian Charter to represent me when I was injured in an auto accident because he had successfully represented my husband in a very serious auto accident. I suffered shoulder and back injury as a result of this accident. The insured’s insurance company sent a representative to my house to access the damage to my car.  They then sent me a check for a fraction of the cost to repair my car. I contacted Brian who was able to get me a reasonable settlement to cover my repair and doctor bills. …
Bobbie Bailey